TW Sasimi Salmon 230g

Product Code : TW Sasimi Salmon 230g
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Weight : 0.2300KG

Ingredients : Water, Trehalose, D-Sorbitol, Konjac, Carrageenan
成份 : 水,海藻糖,D-山梨醇,蒟蒻,鹿角菜膠
Low Calories 低卡路里
No Cholesterol 不含胆固醇
No Preservatives 不含防腐剂
No Surimi 不含鱼浆
No Gelatin 不含明胶
No Any Gums of Animal Origin 不含動物性膠体
How to Eat : Please do not heat it After thawing, slice and dip directly into mustard sauce and vinegar and ginger to eat 食用方法 :请不要加热 解冻后切片,直接蘸芥末酱和醋姜食用

Storage Method : Keep Frozen below -18°C and consume as soon as possible after opening. 
存放方式 :冷冻 -18°C 以下,开封后请尽快食用。

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