Ring Roll 168g

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The Ring Roll is a traditional food originated from Zhejiang China, purely made from bean curd skin. Ring Roll is best eaten with soup based dishes – simply dip in soup for 3 seconds and it’s done! Enjoy the soup base with the crispiness of Ring Roll; it can also be eaten with Steamboat or ramen.
铃铃卷是一种起源于中国浙江的传统食品,纯粹由豆腐皮制成。铃铃卷最好与汤类菜肴一起食用 – 只需在汤中浸 3 秒钟即可完成!享受铃铃卷酥脆的汤底;它也可以和火锅或拉面一起吃。
Ingredients: Non-GMO Soybean, Palm Oil, Water
Weight: 180g/box (approximately 14pcs ring roll)
Storage: Keep in cold dry place. After open, keep refrigerated.
Serving method: Best for hot pot or hot soup, just for 3 seconds dip, and serve.
食用建议: 最适合火锅或热汤,只需浸3秒,即可食用。

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